A strategic partnership

In order to offer you relevant and tailor-made solutions with the same quality of service outside of our regional presence, we have developed an effective partnership policy with ÉVOLUTRANS.

ÉVOLUTRANS is a group of SMEs with technical, organizational and financial synergies in the fields of transport, logistics and storage, in France and in Europe.


Its members have built a flexible and responsive organization which, as well as its structural ressources, is based on three pillars:
• shared values
• a common vision of the evolution of their professions and in their customers’ expectations
• a responsible and inclusive commitment to the network


The network has defined high-performance products:
VOLUPAL: 1 to 6 pallets
VOLULOTS: 7 to 16 pallets and lengths up to 6 metres
EV LOGISTICs: logistics solutions of the EVOLUTRANS group