Strong values

In 2017, convinced of the importance of placing people at the center of the company in order to continuously improve the performance of the company, we initiated the VIP project (Vecatel Importance of Personnel) in order to set up actions to go in this direction.

3 strategic work axes have been defined:
-Orientation of efforts
-Link quality
-Skill developpement

Our transport and logistics businesses constantly require: responsiveness, flexibility, versatility and adaptability. To gain in agility, our teams are trained and supported in order to establish serene working relationships allowing the company to improve performance and satisfy our customers and interested parties.

More specifically, the company’s objective is to support all employees so that they:
-Convey a positive image of the company as well in its behavior as in its clothing and the cleanliness of its workstation.
-Be able to dialogue in an assertive way. In other words, to be able to dare to say things in a benevolent way without aggressiveness and without questioning the person, to be able to accept remarks on the basis of fact and to be able to question oneself
-Be able to participate in the continuous improvement of the company. That is to say, raise issues, be able to solve them, work as a team, be a force for improvement proposals, meet their commitments.
Gain autonomy, empowerment and motivation

To achieve this, our managers have all been trained in the involving / negotiator authority model so that they are interested in both the demand for results and the comfort and expectations of the people around them by involving them and by fully integrating them into the organization.